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Professional HVAC Maintenance in Knoxville, TN

It's essential for your air conditioning and heating units to have consistent system maintenance tune-ups in order for them to run with maximum efficiency. You may think your units are operating correctly, but if you wait until something is noticeably wrong before calling your HVAC contractor, you could pay a lot more for repairs and replacements that might have been avoided. Benefits of regular HVAC maintenance for your heating and cooling systems include:

  • Improvement of indoor air quality: Dirt, dust, and other debris tend to build up in your air ducts over time, and because the system feeds hot or cold air into your home, it often disperses these impurities through the air. Regular duct cleaning and air filter changes help minimize allergens and impurities in your home, drastically improving indoor air quality.
  • Increasing the lifespan of the unit: HVAC units are made up of many components, and when a single one is failing or not working properly, it causes the entire system to lag. Preventative maintenance ensures that every part of your HVAC system is working properly and allows you to repair minor issues before they become major problems. Such maintenance saves you time and headaches.
  • Reduces energy costs: When any component of your HVAC system isn't working properly, it causes the unit to work harder and use more energy. You may see an increase in your monthly utility bill if your system isn't running smoothly. Scheduling regular maintenance is a great way to save money.

HVAC Service When You Need It Most

HVAC emergencies rarely happen on schedule. If you need support after business hours or during the weekend, don't hesitate. We offer 24/7 emergency service so you can get service when you need it. It's as simple as calling us at any time of the day or night. Then, wait for us to show up to diagnose and repair your system.

Residential Zoning Products

Zoning can provide optimum comfort and increase your energy efficiency. This is possible because zoning divides your home into areas with similar heating and cooling needs. Then, the temperature is independently controlled in each area. Think of it like multiple light switches that independently control the lighting in different rooms. With zoning, multiple zone thermostats or sensors control different areas of the home.

If you think your home might benefit from zoning, talk to O'Dell's Heating & Cooling. We can perform an in-home evaluation and provide a free estimate.

Comprehensive Residential HVAC Services

The team at O'Dell's Heating & Cooling can handle all your residential HVAC needs. We work with all makes and models, which means every unit is safe with us.

Our repair service is always affordable. We make sure you get service and stay comfortable without going over budget. This includes our emergency services. We're available around the clock to repair any issue. You'll be back in business in no time.

We also perform regular maintenance to ensure your residential HVAC is performing well. With decades of combined experience and consistent dedication to excellence, we'll help you with your unit all year long.

When it's time for something new, trust our team. We'll look at your heating and cooling system and make the best replacement recommendations. We'll get you your new unit and install it quickly. It's comprehensive service you can trust!

Trust O'Dell's Heating and Cooling for Reliable HVAC

Hire us as your HVAC contractor and let us handle your installation, service, and repair needs. Our team is dedicated to excellence in all that we do, and we promise precision in all HVAC installation work. We're the most trusted HVAC contractor in the area, making us the obvious choice when you need heating and cooling services.

We've been a trusted name in Knoxville, TN since 2002, and our technicians have over 80 years of combined experience. Our team is licensed and certified, and we're always here for you with 24/7 emergency service. Call today and get a free estimate for any of your residential HVAC concerns.

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